110KV power transformer

110KV power transformer

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  • 110KV power transformer

    Technical parameters and features :

    Low loss: No-load losses is about 40% lower than that required in current national standard GB6451-1999; load losses is about 15% lower than that required in current national standard GB6451-1999

    Low Noise level: <60dB, about 20dB lower than that in the national standard

    Low particle discharge: the full range process of 110kV product is dust-free operation; metal parts and insulation parts inside the transformer are all rounded; the partial discharge is controlled to be lower than 100pc

    High Short-circuit capacity: the independently designed and manufactured SZ10-40000/110 transformer of the Company has passed the Short-circuit test of the National Transformer Quality Test & Inspection Center (CTQC)

    Beautiful appearance: oil tank bending corrugated structure, shot blasting de-dusting, powder EFI paint, wide fin radiator, never fade in color

    No leakage: all seal with limit position and upper & lower tank edges are sealed along two channels; sealing gasket is imported. We solemnly commit no leakage of oil.

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